SHRA Nostalgia Drags ​at Little River Dragway

The Southwest Heritage Racing Association (SHRA) Nostalgia Drags were threaten as rain surrounded this year’s event. The racing was pushed back a few hours as the wet track became dry. The day turned out to be quite cool for a summer day in Texas and everyone was thrilled to see some action on the strip. A nice turnout of gassers, super stock, FEDs, and altered cars were busting loose by late afternoon. Little River Dragway continues to provide one of the best tracks for these old school style races. Although you can’t smell the fumes and burnt rubber in the air, you can get a glimpse of what it was like for the cars roaring down the strip.


2 thoughts on “SHRA Nostalgia Drags ​at Little River Dragway”

  1. You kids are doing a great job, keep it up. It was a hot sb friday but well worth hangin through the rain threat. We don’t do many races but look forward to something I heard about in October. Most likely do some test and tune prior. Thanks for what you do.

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